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A Food Above - Alternative and Traditional Holiday Ideas

A Food Above
Good Morning Fellow Foodies!
First, thank you for continuing to follow our newsletter. We’ve been gone for a few weeks, but we’re back for the holidays. Maybe if this newsletter gets popular, we’ll keep it going. However, I like the idea of the pop-up.
NOTE If you’re in the LA Area, LA Magazine is hosting their Food Event after a little break due to COVID. It’s today! Short notice, but I just got the email this morning.
A Food Above is planning to start a cooking club at the beginning of the New Year. Twice a month, we’ll host a live cooking show that you can be part of. You’ll be able to cook along or watch. You’ll also have the ability to ask questions during the show that’ll last about 20-30 minutes. It all depends on the menu for that show.
A week before the show, viewers who have signed up will get the recipe for the next show to purchase the items needed if they plan to cook along. Most of the recipes will be easy and use items in your home already. This isn’t going to be some fancy meal preparation show, and this is a simple home cook show.
If you’d like to know more, shoot an email to me at, and we’ll get you more information as we get this club off the ground!
Enjoy today’s newsletter.

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