A Food Above

By Mark & Patti Clifford

It's all about food, recipes, drinks, homemade dishes, and stories served for you weekly to help with making decisions.

It's all about food, recipes, drinks, homemade dishes, and stories served for you weekly to help with making decisions.

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A Food Above - Valentine Recipes Part2

Hey Everyone!I apologize for today's newsletter. These were suppose to b included, but for some reason why didn't get posted.I hope you don't mind the double posting today. It hopefully won't happen again.Be Well! Stay Safe!Mark & Patti


A Food Above - A Valentine's Menu


A Food Above - Christmas Dinner Ideas. From Appetizers, Side Dishes to The Main Course! Happy Holidays!

Appetizers, Side Dishes & The Main Course.


A Food Above - Feast of the Seven Fishes

Good Morning Friends & Fellow Foodies!Today we're featuring the Feast of the Seven Fishes—a traditional Italian Christmas Eve meal.Since I can remember, I enjoy Christmas Eve dinner more than Christmas Day. I mean, let's be honest, the gifts were great, b…


A Food Above - The Vegan & Vegetarian Christmas Edition

Good Morning Friends & Fellow Foodies!Today is a special edition. With Christmas just weeks away, we wanted to cover some alternative meals for our vegan and vegetarian friends that read this newsletter.We picked 8 recipes that might work. COMING:Next Sun…


A Food Above - Muffins, Main Dishes for Christmas Eve, and More

How To Respectfully And Assertively Share Your Food Preference


A Food Above - Desserts, Desserts, Drinks, and More Desserts!

Good Day Friends and Fellow Foodies!Sorry, we're late this morning, but I'm behind a little. This Sunday it's about desserts and a Disney Ice Cream! Enjoy and get to baking, cooking, and mixing.Be Well! Be Safe! Happy Thanksgiving! and Happy Holidays!Mark &am…


A Food Above - Alternative and Traditional Holiday Ideas

Good Morning Fellow Foodies!First, thank you for continuing to follow our newsletter. We've been gone for a few weeks, but we're back for the holidays. Maybe if this newsletter gets popular, we'll keep it going. However, I like the idea of the pop-up.NOTE If …


A Food Above - Issue #9

Good Day Friends!The holidays are upon us, and it's time to kick off this pop-up newsletter again full of holiday recipes for you to try and enjoy.We'll be publishing each Sunday as before, and we'll be starting very soon, so keep a lookout for us in your inb…


A Food Above - Pasta, Pasta, and More Pasta from Food and Wine

Good Morning Friends & Fellow Foodies!Today we're covering pasta and everything you can make. I've posted 6 recipes from Food and Wine's 51 Pasta Dishes. Here's the link so you can check out all of the recipes.I also posted a story about storing fresh foo…


A Food Above - Lentil, Salmon, Pork and Many More Hamburger Recipes

Good Morning Friends & Fellow Foodies!It's the last big holiday of the summer, and we felt it was time to address hamburgers. Not just any hamburgers with ground beef ad stuff.These hamburgers are from the creative mind of Giada De Laurentiis. There is an…


A Food Above - It's a Seafood Extravaganza. Buon Apetito!!!!

When I make raw clams on the half-shell I add red wine vinegar, a little horseradish, and lemon and then swallow!!! Hmm! Hmm! Good!


A Food Above - Sweet Potatoes with Miso Butter and Chives, Spinach Salad with Warm Brown Butter, and More

Good morning Friends & Fellow Foodies!More summer meals and specials for you to enjoy this summer.Plus a video of me making my favorite quick, all-purpose (pizza, pasta, and bruschetta) tomato sauce. Just change the spices as wanted.Buon Apetito!Mark &amp…


A Food Above - Grilled Cauliflower, Tomato Pies, Cucumber Boats and a Whole Lot More

The video isn't the best, but I promise this salad dressing will be the hit of your next party. If you need more info comment and I'll give you the scoop.


A Food Above - Places to Eat in Bay Area, Fish Tacos and More, $72 for Fried Rice?

Good Morning Foodie Friends!Today we're listing 10 Michelin places to eat in the Bay Area. Let us know if you try them.Our recipes cover sausage, fish tacos, and banana pudding.Finally, would you pay $72 for a plate of fried rice?Be Well! Stay SAfe! Eat Healt…


A Food Above - It's a Sunday Salad Smorgasbord. Buon Apetito! Bon Appétit!

Good Morning Friends!With the heat continuing to rise we thought what better then an issue all about some salads. We're sure you'll agree and enjoy some of these delicious salads now or anytime.Be Well! Stay Safe!Mark & Patti


A Food Above - Our Premiere Issue!

Hi Friends!Welcome to our premiere issue of A Food Above—a pop-up newsletter covering delicious recipes for summertime fun with family and friends.This newsletter is time-sensitive. It begins today and will publish each Sunday until summer ends. After that, i…